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Small Thing Big Mistake

Hi dearest blogger..

We often make a think that we think not important, but in fact it is so influential.

In this case I want to write a post about a little thing that was a big mistake, that in laying out the title of our blog on the browser application.

Not a few bloggers who made the fatal mistake of putting post title and blog title on the browser application, namely to put the blog title in front of the post title.

I have to say this is a big mistake that greatly affect search engine results and ultimately determine SEO for blogs.

Why do I say a big mistake? yes of course it is a big mistake. You can imagine taht you was looking for something in a search engine, I take the example you use google search, you want to find something in google search, whether you are looking for the first time? of course you are not looking for a blog, but one thing that you need to know. eg I want to know about "how to contact facebook?", may be you will not search for a blog to get information, but you will do a google search using the keywords "how to contact facebook", you do not care from where you will get the description ?.

Based on my experience over several months put blog title in front of the post title, has made blog SEO down on google, I try to search for something, even I search using the complete keyword as the post title in my blog, but the results not find anything from my blog post, the results coming from the other blogs that are not so relevant.

According to the experience I decided to put the post title in front of the blog title, even just put the post title without blog title, and than i trying to do the search again using the title of the post, now a new post of my blog indexed by google on page 2 of 200 million search results.

Tips : Put post title in front of blog title !

Maybe it was a bit experience of a big mistakes because of a small thing that is not realized.

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