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5 Steps to Increase Google Adsense Revenue

5stepsDo you want to increase your Google Adsense revenue?. If so, I was a bit of info and can say simple tips to improve Google Adsense revenue.

But the first thing you need to understand is, that your income will not increase overnight or within a few days, this will take some time, To get the most out of work needed on a regular basis.
How to Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Here are tips from the 5 Steps to Increase Google Adsense Income:

1. Traffic
The level of traffic visiting your blog, because it can be said High-Traffic = clicks = More-More-Money. One builds the link to get high traffic is on social media. So, Submit your articles to social media.

2. Adsense Placement
Where adsense ad placement is most appropriate? Try to put your ad after the post title, this is the best and a very public place to display your ad, put Adsense between post content are also great places to try. As a resource, use the plugin whydowork for placement.

3. Ads Relevance
Ads or Ad Relevance Relevance is the other important factor in Revenue Increase Google Adsense, for example if your blog contains about the application / software or the computer world, while google adsense ads that appear on the cuisine, we can be sure the end will not click on ads on the blog application / software or the computer world. Use the "Competitive Ad Filter" which allows you to block specific ads, such as competitors' ads, ads low keyword , and so forth.

4. Google Search Box
There are so many publishers forget about this feature. For that use the Google search box on your blog, because the Google search box is very useful for your readers to find articles on your website. SO you must be paid for each click on your Adsense showing on top of your search box, right or left side.

5. Ad Format
You can use a lot of ad formats that match your blog layout. But try to only use the format of text ads, text ads and using the same color with the color of the text content of your site.

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  1. can u help me grow up me blogs here they are..

  2. Anonim12:08 PM

    nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comment, feel free to visit here everytime, i hope you find something useful here.

  3. @bihmaster: many thing to grow up your blogs, you can learn in another post in this blog tittled New Google Algorithm, More Stress To The Content or another SEO tips, success 4 you!

    @Anonymous: Thanks, i hope you find something usefull here

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