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New Google Search Algorithm More Stresses To The Content

The success of a website determined by the results of the search index of that site by search engines popular that many people used to look for something. Some of the owner or administrator of the website (webmaster) tried to optimize the search results to improve the rating to its website, it is also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Among the many search engines are Google, because of the popularity Google often called Grandpa Google, while the process is commonly called googling (not searching).

To anticipate the accuracy of search results then a search engine to implement a specific algorithm must be accurate and fair, why do I say must be fair? because the search engines that index the search results with the fair would not be paid by any party (I think Google is very fair).
Various methods and techniques developed by Google's algorithms to produce more accurate search. For example ranking system (known by the term Google Pagerank PR), Backlinks system, the system metatags, etc..

After using several techniques and methods of the algorithm, it still has not been effective and accurate, there are still some weaknesses and shortcomings, until ahirnya the genius of Matt Cutts (Google's algorithm expert) to apply the new methods by eliminating some of the old methods such as backlinks, PR and keywords metatags. Google now apply the method content.
Method content (content) is a method where Google indexes a website (with his robot crawlers) to view the content of a website, among others include how often the website publishes content? how authenticity / originality an item? (Not copy and paste from another website or been published in other media). The more or more often these websites publish (publish) content is original, it will be the more the website is indexed by google, (of course published content is content that match keywords description of the website), so that the index of the website will increasingly rise to the search engines (especially Google's O's Mbah).
To be easily indexed by search engines like Google try on a website there are some keywords that same word with the description, take the example website description using the following keywords: "sma, sman, banjo, schools, education, learning, student, teacher , scholarships, RSBI "; then in each item must often use sentences that contain one or a few words on keywords.
Similarly, little did I know about SEO methods or techniques especially Google's current algorithm.

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  1. wow it's good information about Google Search Algorithm

    1. Thanks for your comment, feel free to visit here everytime, i hope you find something useful here.

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  3. I appreciate your blog! thanks for creating nicest one....
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  4. i Got Page rank 3 Google Page ranks are very good for a blog..

  5. @parvez: Originally best think for google to give best seo for blog or website with their contents is better think than others, thanks for sharing.

  6. @Guest: it depend, who give your blog pagerank?


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