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5 Thinks About Link Baiting

5thinksMy dearest and lovely friends, i still want to share you more tips about Link Baiting as a way to increase your website or blog traffic, i knew this way is very powerful and hopes you will do this too for your website or blog traffic.

Links are an important part of any SEO strategy. You should be striving to get good links that bring traffic. You should also be cutting any irrelevant fluff that does nothing to your site. This almost forces you to start creating some good link bait content but if you find yourself with a lack of originality or ideas, check out this list to jog your thoughts.

Write about your Mama. I'm just trying to get your attention there because the topic of linking strategies is just not that exciting to most people. Anyway, here’s what I mean. Write about leaders that have impacted you in your niche. Use key words that are a part of your SEO strategy to find out who your leaders are.

Write about someone else’s Mama. I might as well stick with the trend since I'm on it. Keeping along the same lines of using key words that are already a part of your SEO strategy, find other leaders who might be in a related niche. With so much competition, you’re bound to find someone to write about as long as it’s relative to your topic.

Write a list of Aunt Mary’s favorites. If you can compile a list of resources for people to use, you’ll find that many will link to it. Maybe they don’t have to time to create a list themselves or are just plain lazy! Either way, you get the link.

Write a review of Uncle Bob’s latest and greatest. Whether it’s the latest social media site or the latest concept of SEO techniques, write about it and have an opinion. If you’re willing to let others know what you think, you’ll be sure to get a response.

Write about Grandpa Joe’s profound thought of the day. Be a thought leader and capitalize on your wisdom and experience. Your profound thoughts may spur the thoughts of another. Everyone’s in the same boat looking to accomplish the same basic SEO strategy. Maybe you have something to add that will somehow help them and they will be sure to let you know about it.

Get creative when it comes to writing your link bait content. It’s a great form of stress relief and an outlet for the pressure of your SEO strategy. You might consider paying someone else to write this stuff for you. There’s a lot of talent out there. Either way, if you provide great content and you’ll soon see the success you desire!

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