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Membuat Sumber Pengunjung Dari Google untuk Blogwalking

Pengunjung Dari Google
Sepertinya waktu berlalu begitu cepat tak terasa sudah sampai lagi di penghujung pekan, buat kamu yang bekerja di kantor mungkin hari ini lebih santai karena tidak harus pergi ke kantor, bisa menikmati libur bersama keluarga. Selamat akhir pekan, semoga kita selalu diberikan kesehatan dan kemudahan dalam menjalankan aktivitas sehari-hari. Aamiin YRA..

Selama memiliki blog pernahkah kamu melihat daftar kunjungan ke blog milikmu? mungkin ada yang sering tapi mungkin aja ada yang belum pernah sama sekali karena belum tahu.

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Pentingnya Ping untuk SEO

Pentingnya Ping untuk SEO
Selamat sore rekan-rekan blogger di manapun anda berada, selamat menikmati sore di akhir pekan yang indah, semoga anda semua selalu diberi kesehatan dan kemudahan dalam segala hal. Aamiin YRA

Setelah beberapa hari Bizril blog meluncurkan artikel tentang SEO yang berjudul "Pentingnya Meta Description untuk SEO", pada sore ini Bizril blog masih tertarik membahas tentang SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Memang bahasan tentang yang satu ini sangat menarik sekaligus juga tantangan buat webmaster dan blogger yang ingin mengoptimalkan hasil pencarian pada mesin pencari semisal Google, Yahoo, Bing, dsb.

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Let Them Know About Your Blog

"Many blog authoring tools automatically ping one or more servers each time the blogger creates a new post (or updates an old one). That is, the tool sends an XML-RPC signal to one or more 'ping servers', which can then generate a list of blogs that have new material." – Wikipedia

Basically a ping is a signal sent from you to a search/aggregator server that says "hey, I have new stuff, come look at me".

Here is the ping services are available :

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New Google Search Algorithm More Stresses To The Content

The success of a website determined by the results of the search index of that site by search engines popular that many people used to look for something. Some of the owner or administrator of the website (webmaster) tried to optimize the search results to improve the rating to its website, it is also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Among the many search engines are Google, because of the popularity Google often called Grandpa Google, while the process is commonly called googling (not searching).

To anticipate the accuracy of search results then a search engine to implement a specific algorithm must be accurate and fair, why do I say must be fair? because the search engines that index the search results with the fair would not be paid by any party (I think Google is very fair).
Various methods and techniques developed by Google's algorithms to produce more accurate search. For example ranking system (known by the term Google Pagerank PR), Backlinks system, the system metatags, etc..

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5 Thinks About Link Baiting

5thinksMy dearest and lovely friends, i still want to share you more tips about Link Baiting as a way to increase your website or blog traffic, i knew this way is very powerful and hopes you will do this too for your website or blog traffic.

Links are an important part of any SEO strategy. You should be striving to get good links that bring traffic. You should also be cutting any irrelevant fluff that does nothing to your site. This almost forces you to start creating some good link bait content but if you find yourself with a lack of originality or ideas, check out this list to jog your thoughts.

Write about your Mama. I'm just trying to get your attention there because the topic of linking strategies is just not that exciting to most people. Anyway, here’s what I mean. Write about leaders that have impacted you in your niche. Use key words that are a part of your SEO strategy to find out who your leaders are.

Link Baiting - A Way To Increase Traffic

Hiya lovely friend, i really miss to post something here, but i have no idea what i have to write? But maybe this post is useful for you to improve your blog or site link and give you more traffic.

"Link Baiting" is an online marketing term that the newbies to this market probably are scratching their heads about.

Basically it is considered a very good idea to have a lot of websites linking to your website. It's even better if those links are from similar types of websites to your own, and even better still if the content around the link is relevant to your type of website.

Why is it good to have links to your website...

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Links Xchange with Other Webmasters

linkex2Hiya lovely friend, i really miss to write something here for you. I can't write too much but i hope it may usable for you to improve your blog or site link popularity.

The most effective way of improving the link popularity of your site is to exchange links with other webmasters who have sites which are related to yours, but are not direct competitors. This is called reciprocal linking.

However, the problem with this method is the sheer amount of time it takes if you were to do it manually.

If you decide to do this manually, you can easily expect to spend hundreds of hours on this activity alone.

Here's what you need to do:

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Are You Ready For A Traffic Explosion ?!

Heilo all my lovely friends.. howdy today?? hopes you okay and always success for you.

I have a souvenir for you and i get it when i go blogwalking, i likes this article and i hope you'll like this too, you can find the original post at http://theadmaster.netSheila blog, and i copy it for you.

Are You Ready For A Traffic Explosion ?! The reason a lot of people don’t make it online is because they can’t figure out how to get and maintain traffic to their site. A lot of times people will start out by spending money on advertising and end up spending TOO MUCH money on advertising without making any profit back from this advertising. Sometimes they will simply spend too much time trying to get free traffic which usually lasts only as long as they are working and goes away the second they step away from their computer.

Before you actually start making enough money to have an advertising budget how do we get the most traffic to our sites without wasting our time and money?

Here are some of the first things you should do to get traffic to your website.

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4 Mistakes To Lost Traffic, PageRank and SEO

Many time i've visited my friend blog around the internet (blogwalking),
I found some great blog, nice looks and simple to load and also many blog with a lot of image, video and sound also but my thinking and eyes couldn't focused and hard to loading (maybe my internet connection very slow).

I did like image designs, video and music too, but what is it mean you use that all if that only make your blog visitor is not get any focus and make your blog hard to load? so you lose your visitor and its mean you decrease your blog site traffic by your self and its also mean you decrease your blog PageRank by yourself

I hope you understand what i mean? there's many blogger in this blogosphare, sometimes most of them make some mistakes, maybe few of them already fixed it, but what about the other who don't know? they late to realize their mistakes.

Now i will tell you the 4 most blogger mistakes which is often done by the blogger, maybe few of you don't really care about this stuff and lose many visitors because of this stuff, did you one of them? i hope not.

This is what i mean The 4 Blogger Mistakes :

1. Useless Widget

You already know the exact meaning of this, using widget for your blog accessories, but the question is: is that widget really useful for your blogs?? sometimes you using any widget but not really understand the main purpose for that widget.

For example:

Using mp3 widget but your blog is not based on music blog, it really useless and make visitor not focused to the subject of your blog.

You must be realize with IDM (Internet Download Manager) sometimes this application responding if there are any mp3 widget,and of course the download menu will appear, if you cancel,it will appear again and again, it will bother the visitors maybe you think just uninstall that IDM so you can read the article freely but if you were the visitor what will you do? will you uninstall the IDM because of that?

I already ask some of my friends,almost of them just close the blog rather than keep reading.

2. Using Similar Function Widget

It is easy to get many widget, few widget developer give you a free uses, just copy the script and apply in your blog, it not need webmaster skills. Of course you need that widget, but for what you use widget with similar function it will make your blog slower to load and many visitor don't like to wait quite long to load a blog.

Using too much widget will increase your outer-link, several search engine like Google don't like with moire than 100 outer-link in a blog, you'll lost your search robot spammer to index your blog and you don't get the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from Google search engine. In this case i suggest you use only one widget with many function, eg. popuri widget.

3. Using Too Much Javascript

Javascript is really important for the blog, but overusing it will only make your blog loading heavy, sometimes also a blogger who put on a useless javascript.

For example :

Welcome Alert Script
this script will appear in the beginning of blog,this script structure not too long so the browser can read it quickly,but is it really useful for you? maybe you think its useful,but don't see only with your perspective,compare with visitors perspective too,is that not bother them?

There is a blogger who using this script too much what do you think if you enter their blog page with welcome alert will appear like this :

"Welcome to my blog" click it and the blog page will appear

"Thanks For Visit" click again and it will appear again

"Don't forget to leave comment" and many more

If it were you the visitors it only make you depressed.

4. Using Too Much Ads

Many blogger using to many ads on their blog, but i know the purpose to get much money from ads, You know too many ads not good for the both side, for the visitors perspective of course the ads will bother them, they come to read your article not your ads, for your perspective not really good too, more ads and the price for the ads will be cheap

For what you using many ads but your income so small, use only as needed, and you know the first Google AdSense script read by Google is the ads with the high bidding on it, so make sure you place it in the place with the highest click ratio on your blog page, better if you only have few ads but with high price and the highest click ratio rather than many ads but cheap price.

Attention :

Maybe you will be umbrageous with this article, but you know thats not the real purpose i create this article, i hope blogger who still use these mistake will fixed their blog page.

One more, those mistakes can decrease your blog site traffic, decrease your blog PageRank and also lost your blog site SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I am doing this because i care bout your blog, we are all bloggers so we help and care each other.

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t = v1 + v2 (Faster and Natural Way to Increase Traffic and Popularity)

A philosophy that Honesty is the Best Policy (Honesty is the political / best strategy).

The concept of honesty if we can trick the traffic and popularity of the more powerful concept of complex expert webmaster or SEO specialist. I believe this concept can be correct, to apply this in your blog according to the provisions bellow :

  • Your blog traffic will be swamped with visitors day by day, without fuss or tired of the SEO campaign.
  • Your blog will be flood with backlink day by day, without having to fuss over hunting link to many place in the internet.

Albert Einstein using the equation e = mc² to combine the potential and the speed of light to produce extraordinary nuclear energy, then we will use the equation t = v1 + v2 to combine yours and my blog potential to generate traffic and popularity.

Einstein using atom plutonium and uranium to make nuclear bombs, then we use the honesty and accuracy to make a bomb and traffic popularity.

You just need to do and follow this steps bellow :

1. Create a post articles as I post this, or copy-paste this post and also be entitled: t = v1 + v2, How to increase traffic and popularity quickly and naturally

2. Copy or make the next sentence "MAGIC TRICK" on the bottom of the number 4, pair on your blog with easily see by most visitors, for example at the top of the sidebar.

3. Move or change a link or URL address of my post (here-1) replaces the URL address of my colleagues (here-2). To know the URL address of my post and your posts you can make is to click the title of the post we made.

4. Fill in the url address on your posting on here-1 line. So you publish 2 times, after you finish this post in a publish, and then you click on the title to copy the URL address of your post, then you edit and make link to word here-1 is with URL address you have copied and publish again.

This is the sentence of "MAGIC TRICK" you need to install in your blog part (after change in the url link according to provisions above) :

"Want to increase traffic and visitors to your blog popularity quickly and unlimited ...?
I will do it for you ... FREE! .. Click (here-1) and (here-2) "

After the sentence of "MAGIC TRICK" put on your blog, then: if a visitor click the link here-1 will link to your post, and if click here-2 will go to my post and so on.

5. Below are 2 links: my blog post link and my colleagues blog post link.
Replace (URL address) "your link" with "your blog post URL link" and "my link" with my blog post URL link(delete my colleagues post link).
your blog post link
my blog post link

6. Finish, prepare counter tracker and link checker, for example Sitemeter and Technorati to see a flood of traffic and your blog backlink.

What is t = v1 + v2 ...?
t : Number of traffic that will be get by your blog in a day.
v1 : Number of your blog visitors in a day
v2 : Number of visitors from your backlink.

For example, my blog or your blog have average 50 visitors in a day, every peoples applying this concept (MAGIC TRICK) correctly, form each 50 blogs owning 50 visitors also have visitors from his blog , so the opportunity of your blog visitor = 50 + 50 x 50 = 2550 visitors in a day, and will increase day by day, because every day there are always new visitors in the internet.

For example, your blog have 50 visitors in a day, each visitors apply this concept, so youwill get 100 backlink to your blog in a day = (your link + my link) x 50.

Why need to create a your link and my link on the post?
this is to maintain the immortality of our link, because link on the post less possibility to erased.

Can we do not honest or not fair with this concept? for example, "remove all origin links of origin and fill your own web link" ?
Yes, this concept will not prove to be a maximum of Honesty is a strategy best politicy, but I believe that we wont throw themselves credibility by making such cheap action.

Impact if not honest:
  1. Appear many comments will drop the your blog, both in the mailing list, customer complaints, and in your comment box, so that other bloggers will not trust you anymore.
  2. Because skepticism, the bloggers will find another blog that tips is thtruth, so that your blog will be abandoned.
  3. If you are not the source of this info (not fair), the source blogs that you copy can report your actions to google, so that your blog banned and your blog pagerank return to "0".

So, please continue your tricks with full honesty, and your blog will be visited by many other bloggers.

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PageRank Booster

My friend JennyGray says : "Search Engines? No problem, I'll just Google it and I'll find all the tricks in the book. It'll take no time at all and the results will be instant. Then I'll just sit back and reap the sweet google-ranking-related rewards".

Page Rank (PR) is a measure levels for website or blog visit traffic.PageRank was measured with a number ranging from 0 to 10 (Google Page Rank) or Yahoo Page Rank also same,the higher value of Page Rank means higher value of traffic to website or blog.
To increase website traffic of course is not an easy thing, it need time and patients, many things that must be done, which are to increase PageRank (PageRank Booster):

1. Promotion. Easier and quicker way to promote website with purchase to one of or all global search engine,eg. google, yahoo, MSN etc. amount of payment depends on the type of website we set (choosable) and many keywords are included.
2. Backlink. Backlink is a link to your web address from the other sites, such as other people put a banner that leads to your website address that will always link automatically website if loading, this way will be run if you able to influence other people to put your link banner.
3. Meta Tag. This also one way to improve the disbursement by the search engine go to your web address, be sure to add meta tags on your HTML codes. Most important is the Description and Keywords, About how to adding meta tags has discussed in my aticle Adding Meta Tag (SEO-TIPS). Meta Tags keywords is consist of words with maximum 200 characters separated by (,) and space. Keywords must have a link and similiar with website content, Keywords must be specific and unique words. Google warns that meta tags do not guarantee to increase traffic, it only helps a little.
4. Content. I think this is the most effective way to increase Traffic, good content could automatically addicted many people to visit your website. Content should be arranged as interesting or popular subject. do not put too many pictures, animations or videos on your website, because hard for many search engine to find the content of content, also heavy to loading. One of my friend says: "Who says people too lazy to read your article contents? serious for people will read your article contents".
5. Link Exchange. I think this way is not so good,because you have to told other people to install a link to your website, maybe you will not sure people want to place a link to your website. You can choose this way by follow to many forum or by email to invite friends who like to visit the following sites.
6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact this is a summary of discussion about the content and meta tags. Content is supported by a good meta tag keywords that matches the with content, it will affect to search engines results, or with an easy way to pay the search engine to put and index of your website address on page 1 as the search result.
That all I know about Page Rank, but I do not really consider with the PageRank, Alexa, Technocrati or anything. The most important for me is always writing the best article content for my blog, join with the many forum to find inspiration and improving my knowledge. Many peoples will visit your website if they likes to your article contents, your website traffic will better and improving your website Page Rank naturally by itself.

Warning : Be careful with some websites who offering Page Rank tools, its maybe SPAM !!

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Website of your company is the main source to reach a diverse audience and is not limited.
Done properly, your site can transcend borders and markets while turning even the smallest operations into global Enterprises. Done properly, your site may exceed the limits while the market return and even the smallest company's global operations. However, even the best designed site is not guaranteed to reach your Targeted audience if no one knows it exists. However, even at sites that are not guaranteed to reach your target audience if no one knows it exists. Success is no longer measured by website hits. The success is not measured by website hits. If your company website is Generating only a small number of visitors per day, then leads and sales are likely few and far in-between. If you create a company web site is only a small number of visitors per day, the leads and sales that may be far and few in between.

Improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.
By increasing your online visibility, you begin reaching your audience and garnering Targeted near immediate results. By increasing your visibility online, you start to reach your target audience and garnering close to the results immediately.
An increase in free web traffic is the most effective means for becoming a true player in your respective industry and ultimately boosting your bottom line. Increased web traffic is free most effective way to become true players in the respective industry and ultimately boosting you. And what business does not appreciate that? And what business does not appreciate?

Enjoy free web site traffic through search engine optimization. Enjoy traffic free web site through search engine optimization.
Sometimes, you have to "help them find you." Sometimes, you have to "help them find you. By launching a strategic search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, your company will achieve top organic rankings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN, that will naturally create increased traffic to your web site. With launch a strategic search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, your company will achieve top organic ranking in Google, Yahoo, and MSN, which will rise naturally to create web traffic to your site. This efficient process means people find your company when searching for those lucrative, competitive key words and phrases that reflect your products or services. Efficient process this means people find your company when searching for the proposition, with the keywords and phrases that reflect your product or service.

Want it fast? How fast? Leap to page one of the search results by tomorrow. Jump to a page of search results by tomorrow.
If you desire immediate results that will have customers finding your site within days, Blue Traffic also specializes in pay-per-click advertising. If you want immediate results that will have the customers find your site in a few days, Blue Cross And also specialize in pay-per-click ads. With Certifications from Google, Yahoo, and MSN - we will orchestrate your entire Internet advertising campaign, while you go about your daily business - which will not seem so ordinary once the swarm of customer calls and emails start rolling in. With certification from Google, Yahoo, and MSN - all the music we akan Internet ad campaigns, while information about the daily business - which does not seem to be so ordinary after swarm of customer calls and emails start rolling in

Make your message viral with social media optimization. Your message with the virus to make social media optimization.
Generating positive publicity is the aim of every successful entity, but why do the ground-level work yourself when existing communities can do it for you? Generate positive publicity is the goal of each entity works, but why at the level of self employment when there are people who can do it for you? Through social media optimization becomes a viral message. Through social media optimization of your message into the virus. Inject your content in the right social networks online and let your audience enjoy your blog posts, videos, photos and more. Inject your content to the right and your online social networks let the audience enjoy your blog posts, videos, photos, and more. You can increase your online visibility, Enhance your reputation, Garner valuable inbound links, and build your fan base all at once. You can increase your online visibility, increase your reputation, collect valuable inbound links, and you build a fan base as well.

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