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Tampilkan postingan dengan label SEO. Tampilkan semua postingan

18.7.09     + Bagikan / Simpan Post Ini

How Fast Google Crawling Your Blog

As you can see below,I just created an article on Trick To Remove Blogger Navbar, and this is what I got when I typed the URL of this article in Google after just posting the article.

Wow! as you can see below, Google search crawled it in just 1 minute.I know there are so many out there waiting days and days for google search to crawl their websites/blogs and I wondered how fast is google search crawling this site!

Write an article and check how much time it is taking for google search to crawl your blog and share your comments here


Try how fast you website or your blog crawled by google search?

This blog is using NOFOLLOW rel, but google search faster crawling this blog.

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15.7.09     + Bagikan / Simpan Post Ini

4 Mistakes To Lost Traffic, PageRank and SEO

Many time i've visited my friend blog around the internet (blogwalking),
I found some great blog, nice looks and simple to load and also many blog with a lot of image, video and sound also but my thinking and eyes couldn't focused and hard to loading (maybe my internet connection very slow).

I did like image designs, video and music too, but what is it mean you use that all if that only make your blog visitor is not get any focus and make your blog hard to load? so you lose your visitor and its mean you decrease your blog site traffic by your self and its also mean you decrease your blog PageRank by yourself

I hope you understand what i mean? there's many blogger in this blogosphare, sometimes most of them make some mistakes, maybe few of them already fixed it, but what about the other who don't know? they late to realize their mistakes.

Now i will tell you the 4 most blogger mistakes which is often done by the blogger, maybe few of you don't really care about this stuff and lose many visitors because of this stuff, did you one of them? i hope not.

This is what i mean The 4 Blogger Mistakes :

1. Useless Widget

You already know the exact meaning of this, using widget for your blog accessories, but the question is: is that widget really useful for your blogs?? sometimes you using any widget but not really understand the main purpose for that widget.

For example:

Using mp3 widget but your blog is not based on music blog, it really useless and make visitor not focused to the subject of your blog.

You must be realize with IDM (Internet Download Manager) sometimes this application responding if there are any mp3 widget,and of course the download menu will appear, if you cancel,it will appear again and again, it will bother the visitors maybe you think just uninstall that IDM so you can read the article freely but if you were the visitor what will you do? will you uninstall the IDM because of that?

I already ask some of my friends,almost of them just close the blog rather than keep reading.

2. Using Similar Function Widget

It is easy to get many widget, few widget developer give you a free uses, just copy the script and apply in your blog, it not need webmaster skills. Of course you need that widget, but for what you use widget with similar function it will make your blog slower to load and many visitor don't like to wait quite long to load a blog.

Using too much widget will increase your outer-link, several search engine like Google don't like with moire than 100 outer-link in a blog, you'll lost your search robot spammer to index your blog and you don't get the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from Google search engine. In this case i suggest you use only one widget with many function, eg. popuri widget.

3. Using Too Much Javascript

Javascript is really important for the blog, but overusing it will only make your blog loading heavy, sometimes also a blogger who put on a useless javascript.

For example :

Welcome Alert Script
this script will appear in the beginning of blog,this script structure not too long so the browser can read it quickly,but is it really useful for you? maybe you think its useful,but don't see only with your perspective,compare with visitors perspective too,is that not bother them?

There is a blogger who using this script too much what do you think if you enter their blog page with welcome alert will appear like this :

"Welcome to my blog" click it and the blog page will appear

"Thanks For Visit" click again and it will appear again

"Don't forget to leave comment" and many more

If it were you the visitors it only make you depressed.

4. Using Too Much Ads

Many blogger using to many ads on their blog, but i know the purpose to get much money from ads, You know too many ads not good for the both side, for the visitors perspective of course the ads will bother them, they come to read your article not your ads, for your perspective not really good too, more ads and the price for the ads will be cheap

For what you using many ads but your income so small, use only as needed, and you know the first Google AdSense script read by Google is the ads with the high bidding on it, so make sure you place it in the place with the highest click ratio on your blog page, better if you only have few ads but with high price and the highest click ratio rather than many ads but cheap price.

Attention :

Maybe you will be umbrageous with this article, but you know thats not the real purpose i create this article, i hope blogger who still use these mistake will fixed their blog page.

One more, those mistakes can decrease your blog site traffic, decrease your blog PageRank and also lost your blog site SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I am doing this because i care bout your blog, we are all bloggers so we help and care each other.

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SEO With Post Contents

At a certain period search engine send their robot spiders to check the content of your blog, that robots spiders will check your latest posts content and send some data about your latest posts content to search engine database, in this case, of course only data from your posts content that accordance with meta tag keywords installed in your blog.

Search engine robots spiders will find and sent many similar data come from other blogs, remember there are million blogs in the internet. There is a certain technique to make your posts content not compete too much with other blogs that make a fresh and unique data in the search engine database.

Increasing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with fresh and unique posts content is an easier way and helpful to increase your blogs PR (PageRank). More fresh and unique posts content will increase your blog PR (PageRank) faster, because it will be easier for peoples to find your blog.

Fresh and unique post content always plays an important role in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Internet user surf’s daily on net to find the latest information on their interests. Search engines understand this and therefore places a great weight on the content freshness. Blogs that are regularly updated also encourage the search engine robot spiders to visit often.

For example, a web pages that has its content updated daily will find that search engine visits and crawl’s the page more often than the other less active pages. This clearly explains why blogs are visited frequently by robot spiders as compared to other web pages.

Perhaps the RSS feeds is the easiest way to get fresh content for your blog. These feeds can be found by searching for RSS feeds in the search engines. Syndicate and Feedster are some of the most popular feeds directories available on net. All you need is a RSS parser that can convert these feeds to real time content for your site and you will have daily content instantly!

A common RSS parser used by many webmasters is the Magpie Parser; this powerful open source PHP parser allows the coder to transform any feeds to relevant content pages. RSS feeds are a great way to create fresh content when one has no time to write.

Another great way to have fresh content is Reprinting Articles on your blog. Lot of directories are available out there that lets the webmasters to reprint their articles. Reprinting articles involve very little effort and often allow the search engines to have new content to index for your blog.

Though, many article directories limit the amount of times the articles can be reprinted on your blog. Nevertheless, this is one of the easier methods to have fresh content.

All the methods mention above are great in creating fresh content, but it is also necessary to note that creating unique content for your site is another issue worth considering. The only way to create unique content is to write them yourself or get someone else to write for you. blogs are extremely useful when it comes to adding of new unique content.

Another method to acquire for unique content is to create a dialog group for your members. This is a very low cost operation if you have many supporting members who are active and willing to commit.

In the eyes of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), fresh and unique content is of paramount importance. In order to display the latest information on your blog to the visitors via search engines, updating your blog regularly is must so that the spiders will visit and index more often.

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29.6.09     + Bagikan / Simpan Post Ini


In this few days issues about search engine optimization (SEO) is very hot issues and discussed many, even many global and popular search engine make a contest its called SEO contest.

2 days ago, I have confused about what is SEO?

I tried to find answers about the SEO, tried to search engines with keywords SEO, finally i found some websites and blogs that article about SEO and SEO contest.
According to sources that have, one way to improve the SEO is to add meta tags on each page on the website or blog.

Huh ..! confused again what is meta tags?
The result from browsing information about meta tags, some popular meta tags for SEO are:

<meta content="true" name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing"/>
<meta content="blogger" name="generator"/>
<meta content="internet business, home base job, making money online etc" /> name="description";/>
<meta content="internet business,home job,making money,blog,tutorial,template,software,tips,trick,meta, SEO" name="keywords"/>
<meta content="index, follow" name="robots"/>
<meta content="7 days" name="revisit-after"/>
<meta content="cxYZl01o4zZj76du2I+zCETGVgQuMnZxa5AjFS2UUtE" name="verify-v1"/>
<meta content="noodp" name="googlebot"/>
<meta content="d6fb0600fb99cd00" name="y_key"/>
<meta content="woyzer bizril bloggingbyblogger nuanablogger" name="web_author"/>
<meta content="EN" name="language"/>
<meta content="woyzer 2009" name="copyright"/>

below is explanation about meta tag :

Meta tag number 1:
Meta tag names MSSmartTagsPreventParsing, SEO for MSN (microsoft searching engine), leave should not have changed

Meta tag number 2:
Meta tag names generator, meaning that software to open your homepage or blog, eg. Frontpage, Dreamweaver, etc. = change content depend on your software, i used blogger he .. he ..

Meta tag number 3:
Meta tag names keywords, This is the most important meta tag, fill content with keywords that match the content of your website or your blog, eg. : Internet business, home base job, making money online, etc.
note, the number of characters is maximum content 200 characters, each word separated by, and space

Meta tag number 4 :
Meta tag names description, the description must also explain the important sum of keywords, eg. : Business, home job, money, etc.
writing content each word separated by, (comma)

Meta tag number 5 :
Meta tag names verify-v1, this meta tag for google SEO, to get this meta tag should join and add your blog or website to google webmaster

Meta tag number 6 :
Meta tag names robots, this meta tag is very important because this meta tag is most searched by search engines, meta tag content: index, follow
means the search engine robots has free entry to every page on your website or blog to search for content of the website based on the keywords meta tag, to let the SEO meta tag do not have this changed

Meta tag number 7 :
Meta tag names revisit-after, this means how long robots can return to your website or blog to explore the content of your website or blog in a matter of days, eg: 7 days
normally every 5 or 7 days robots back to your website or blog

Meta tag number 8 :
Meta tag names Googlebot, this is google SEO meta tag, content: noodp
I still have not understood properly what is noodp means ? he .. he .. but as the default, do not have this changed

Meta tag number 9 :
Meta tag names y_key, this is Yahoo SEO meta tag, join and add your website to yahoo explorer sites, discussion about joining and adding your website or blog to Yahoo was disscussed before, see : OPTIMIZING YAHOO SEARCH (SEO-TIPS)

Meta tag number 10 :
Meta tag names Author, actually this meta tag is not very important, only describe about the creator of the website or blog only

Meta tag number 11 :
Meta tag names Language, this meta tag describe about the main language used on the content of the your website or blog, I used EN = English

Meta tag number 12 :
meta tag names Copyright, actually this meta tag is not too important, only explain about copyright of your website or blog

Thats all about meta tag i knew so far.
Now you I need to change some part of that meta tags such as keywords and description, change the content of that meta tags with the article topics you post to your website or blog, note how writing and the number of characters !

Are your meta tags ready now ?
Now i get confuse again, where its must be stored? all the meta tags should be stored between <HEAD> and </HEAD> code in your website or blog
Sorry, i just can describe for the blog using blogger, he .. he ..

now you Login to your blogger, go to the layout, select Edit HTML

WARNING: Download or backup your template first before copying meta tags !! it might be some problem.

search the following code:


Copy of all your meta tags right below the above code!

save the template with click SAVE TEMPLATE

the process of adding meta tags is complete.

But please note, the addition of meta tags is not one of the main or key to increase your SEO or page rank of you website or blog, it's only a few things, the most important is the content of the post or your website or blog, you must post often and try to post article with using the appropriate keywords in the meta tag, because now search engines search more objective to your website or blog posting content than to meta tags.

Happy trying!

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28.6.09     + Bagikan / Simpan Post Ini


Website or blog is one of the assets owned by the company or individual, therefore it must be published so that you website or blog can be known by another person around the world, your website or blog must be easily searchable by search engines.
How do I publish a website or blog with search engine?

There are many trick to optimize your website or blog, you can find some trick or tips to optimize your website or blog. One of trick is to optimize your website or blog by local or global search engine (SEO - Search Engine Optimization). is a global search engine that often used by internet users.

There are several steps to improve the SEO of your website or blog with Search engine by join with Yahoo site explorer (

To Join the yahoo site explorer then you must have an account on yahoo, for example: yahoo email or yahoo messenger.

The following steps to improve the Yahoo SEO :

1. Open yahoo site explorer site (

2. Submit you website or blog in yahoo site explorer with the "Add My Site", please follow the steps to sign up by filling the user name and password to access your yahoo account.

3. After successful sign in yahoo site explorer will go to my sites page, your website or blog will be registered with the NEW status (Yellow sign).

4. Your Website or blog status need to be verified by yahoo site explorer, click on the yellow sign image (new site) in the status column.

You'll be taken to a page authentication (Authentication - your site), There are 2 ways to verify :

step 1 : By Uploading a verification file to my site.

step 2 : By adding a META tag to my home page.

If you register a website you can choose step 1 or step 2.

If you register a blog then you have to choose step 2.

I think more easy-way with choose step 2, (for example I choose step 2).

5. You click step 2 then authentication window will appear meta tags that are written bold example:

<META Name="y_key" content="858f4xxx">

if you use XHTML add this "/" code before ">" , it must to be:

<META Name="y_key" content="858f4xxx"/>

6. Go to your homepage and, replace the meta tag code in your homepage by paste between <HEAD> and </ HEAD> in your homepage, better placed bellow <HEAD> tag.

7. Save your homepage, back to the yahoo site explorer and then click "Ready to Authenticate".

If authenticate process successful, it must be appear :

Your site has been authenticated.
If you have added the META tag, please keep the tag <META Name="y_key" content="858f4xxx"> in your site's home page. We will revalidate your site ownership by checking this META tag regularly.
If you have Uploaded the verification file, please keep the file on your site y_key_858f4xxx.html root your site and do not change the content (858f4xxx). We will revalidate your site ownership by checking this file regularly.
If you fail then try to repeat the earlier steps may be copying meta tage in the home you are not yet correct.

WARNING : "Backup your homepage or blog template before applying this trick !!"

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