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Effect of Alexa Ranking

alexaeffectHello blogger.. how are you doing today? I hope you are alright and success.

Long time i didn't write a tip and trick post in this blog, i saw Bizril Blog my alexa statistic has down to the lowest rank, but the page rank checker has down from PR 3 before to PR 2 right now. But BizriL Blog still have a best keywords with google search.

Today i want to write about "The Alexa Ranking Effect for a Blog", I want to share this article depend on my experience managing this blog since June 2009.

I think it's quite interesting because alexa ranking is one of many think to evaluate a blog quality, as well as the pagerank of a blog but alexa ranking have a lot of effect compared pagerank. More traffic leading to these blog, alexa ranking will be smaller.

Alexa evaluate a blog based on the traffic that occurs on the blog as well as the number of backlinks from these blogs to make judgments on a blog which was then called Alexa Ranking. Source of data to determine traffic of a blog is taken from the blogs feed, and find relevant backlinks from other website or blog with their machines.

In addition to rank, alexa also makes the analysis of a blog called "alexa site audit". Alexa site audit make a report of a blog if the blog admin request. Alexa site audit includes the weakness of a blog that can be used as a reference by the blog admin to decide what actions should be taken to immediately repair and improve their blog and yield better SEO.

My experience when i manage this blog, the main thing that I want to get is the number of visitors, which in a way to maximize the ability of search engines like google to index this blog better. That's then I know as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The better results of a search engine such as google searching, more visitors to the blog means more blog traffic, also the alexa rank will be smaller. Blog Bizril himself had occupied the Alexa ranking of less than 100,000 in 2011.

Many things affect the index results in searching engine, include keywords that match the content, meta tag setting, backlinks which includes a link to your blog from other website or blog, and the most important is good content that is original content that has never been published on any websites or blogs, the amount of content is also very influential, of course the original content. Google itself to replace their systems in indexing a blog, by assessing serve targeted blog content than anything else. Read also the article on this blog titled "New Google Search Algorithm stresses More To The Content".

One more thing that affects the search results in my experience, maybe I can trick a reference for novice bloggers, is the manual way, that is by the blogger known as "blog walking", that is to visit various other blog , wrote your blog URL on another blog, hope someone would see it and return visit your blog, as well as building a network of backlinks, as well as build a network of friends with bloggers worldwide. In my experience it is very influential to increase alexa ranking and SEO, although it takes a lot of time to visit a blog one by one, but there are specific tip which have been good reputation of the blog will become more effective walking.

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