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Download From Docstoc

Download From Docstoc
Many times ago I already make a post here about How To Download From Google Book ? This time I want to explain you a trick about how to download from docstoc, as you know is a website that has a lot of documents from the members who sent the file(s).

You might be looking for a document about something you want to know, by any chance you find a very good document on the, maybe you want to save or download the document, as you know that download document from docstoc doesn’t free, you have to pay a few dollars in order to download a document from docstoc.

I'm trying to find a way to download document from docstoc without paying anything, I try to search on google, there are many tricks about how to download document from docstoc, but every trick is not working, maybe docstoc admin already improved their system to not to be easily for everyone to download document from docstoc.

I finally found a trick to download document from docstoc, it require the helper software called PDFCreator in order to save the PDF file format, this software can be download for free at the author website by searching on google using PDFCreator keyword or download it directly here.

Download and install PDFCreator on your PC, then switch to the browser window (I use Google Chrome version 25) which has opened the document on docstoc, copy the document ID in the browser address tab like this:

Download From Docstoc 6

122197902 is the document ID that you are viewing in docstoc

Copy the following address:<paste document ID here>

then replace the document ID with the ID that has been copied from docstoc, so it will be like this :

Paste the address above in your browse address tab, wait until loading process complete and the entire document appears in your browser.

Download From Docstoc 5

Right-click, the pop-up menu select "Print Document".

Download From Docstoc 4

Print the document window appears, click Change button and select the printer to "Save as PDF".

Download From Docstoc 2Download From Docstoc 3

After changed printer type to "Save as PDF" then click Save button . Save dialog window will be appear, type the appropriate file name or leave as the default file name, click Save button.

Download From Docstoc 1

Done, you've downloaded a document from docstoc.

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  1. link anda sudah terpasang,,,
    pasang link saya,,,, GepLenk's ™

    1. Terimakasih Rhonall Kadir.
      Link anda juga sudah terpasang di sini

    2. Anonim10:42 AM

      Thank you!

  2. Terima kasih, memang berkesan

  3. Masudur7:29 PM

    thank you

  4. Anonim2:57 PM

    Thank you

  5. Very thank you.
    I've tryed in a similar way but i cannot able to find the "native" link for pre-viewer.
    Thank you again!

  6. Anonim7:23 AM

    thank you!

  7. it don't work, the link with the document number won't load

  8. Anonim7:30 PM

    You can use any PDF print driver, including the one that comes with FoxIt Reader. Works like a charm. Thank you!

  9. Thanks a lot mate!

  10. Anonim1:15 AM

    Thank you very much!

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  12. Are you monetizing your premium file uploads?
    Did you know that AdWorkMedia will pay you an average of $0.50 per file download?


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