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A Little Story When I Went Bankrupt, Trying To Get Up and Running Again

Hiya my friend..
I still remember a few years ago when fighting from the bottom to get the first 100 usd, yes my first 100 usd fgrom the internet.

Precisely at the beginning of 2008, when I went bankrupt and the congestion of business, when it's really confused, so what I have to do? willing to venture capital, broke out, willing to work pretty hard to find work, i only have one unit pc as my capital. Suddenly there is an idea better i try to find a job on the internet.

With the remaining money I bought a second CDMA mobilephone that connecting me to the internet for free, i start browsing all over the place, initially looking for job, finally I found a web site that discusses how to make money from internet? there is capital needed and some are free, yes free, as long as there is a little willpower and effort, which requires capital I certainly would not choose because I'm broke, so I decided to try that without the capital, it was a lot of options, including PTC (paid to click), google adsense as alternatives, I try both.

Every day I work at home, in addition to reducing the budget expenditure is also to collect usd I was expecting, I thought it might be a dream but may also be true, to get only one usd it is incredibly hard, especially for google adsense, blogs that do not have good rating to will not be approved by adsense, only blog that using english will be approve by adsense.

Day after day, night after night I go through, i have lot of friends in a virtual world that comes not only from my native country but from around the world, I was engrossed in it, likes in another world I had never met before, blogwalking to all corners of the world is no longer a strange thing, in one night I was able to circumnavigate the globe several times over the blog.

after 4 months to cultivate the blog I finally reached my first 100 usd from adsense, I finally got the first usd as well as through service delivery at the local post office in town, since I'm more fun and more cultivate the spirit to improve the adsense blog, PTC world who had not produced anything I have started to leave, in 5 months I've had 9 blogs that are all using English as blog language and armed by google adsense, since then every 2 months I was began to routinely pull results from adsense.

One day I realized that for several months rarely interact with my friends, because I've got friends in cyberspace, a world that is being enjoyed at the time, the real world is not interesting, forgetting find a job.
At the end of 2009 I received a letter to attend a candidate filing a civil governmnent officer who had a few years ago I never followed it, I was confused to choose which one, on the one hand and the virtual world is very exciting but has no assurance, on other side the real world where many people want it and have a guarantee.

After considering the sound of myself and the opinion of the closest people, I decided to choose the real world become a civil governmnent officer, since then I have to go work every day, but also still perform virtual world, but as I often i always sleep late at night then I'm often late for work.

Because of busy for work in the real world, slowly I forget the virtual world, although can not totally forget, because the blogs is like machines that can work alone although the rating slowly down, the result of adsense begins to sag, usually two months could be interesting money but now much longer, to 3-4 months to pull money from adsense.

Now the blogs are still active even though my money machine works very slowly and ratings slumped, my friends some still exist and still communicate, apparently they are also the same, now they not blogwalking again, they choose a more certain and more fortunately, among many of those who choose the world of trading, forex trading precisely, in addition to more definitive results are also a lot more even though the risk is very large, but all business risk is certainly there, the more fortunately, the greater the risk, but any risk must be addressed by our ability to understand the system work, patience refrain too ambitious and measurable goals.

Similarly with me, interested in the footsteps of friends in cyberspace that I've managed to wrestle a lot of forex trading, I set aside some savings to start forex trading, forex trading is not consuming time as blogging, just 1-2 hours a day, it even in my spare time after back from work at the office.
I'm almost 2 months following the forex trading and the results have started although I have not pulled because it not reached 100 usd first yet, but I'm sure I'll be able to reap profit from forex trading, hopefully ...
That's a bit of experience when I'm down, collapsed and went bankrupt, start all over to stand up and running again.

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  1. Nice Articel..Ini kisah nyata Gan??? Terharu ane...sama2 abdi negara.. ;)

  2. @KomMotor : Iya gan, ini kisah nyata pribadiku, terimakasih sudah ikut terharu. Lanjut ke yang lain gan.. maksih atas komennya

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