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Secret Of Backlink from Blog Directory

The bloggers who are part of money online business which has the achievement for making money online, they need to know about lot of thing to reach his or her targets. Most of blogger used their basic knowledge to make money online. That basic knowledge is posting, posting and posting………

As we know that the search engine optimization ( SEO ) is very important issue in increasing our blog or site popularity from traffic side. But I am really sure that most of blogger especially beginner don’t want to hire SEO company or service specialist for increasing their traffic because they ( SEO company ) put high price for their service or the blogger himself not have enough money…..

You ( blogger beginner ) not need to worry about how to improve your SEO skill. Lot of blog or site will give you that skill for free today. The only thing you need to do is searching them in the biggest search engine like Google, Yahoo, and etc. You only need to maintain your internet cost and time….

I am on my learning about SEO for Pagerank now. When we talk about Pagerank mean we are talking about link which is a basic measurement for Pagerank. Link is dividing into two parts, there are Backlink and Crosslink. Both of these links has their own usage and specific influence in increasing Pagerank.

Crosslink is very useful for sharing your Pagerank from one article to the other inside your blog or site and has his own tricks for SEO purposes. ( see ‘Increasing Pagerank with crosslink” for more detail ). Crosslink is also very easy to maintain.

Backlink is very useful for absorbing the other blog or site Pagerank for your blog or site, and has biggest important part here. Lot of tips and tricks can be used to get Backlink. ( see “Get Backlink with Own Control” for one of them ). Well…. This part is what I want to tell you …..

Lot of Backlink means high Pagerank ( if it’s possible, try to get quality one ). The link from the blog or site which has good Pagerank called quality Backlink, and quality Backlink is more useful than the number itself.

The easiest way is by leaving your comment in other blog comment field (without nofollow tag). But this method take lot of your time in checking the nofollow tag in the other blog before you leaves your comment, otherwise your effort with this tricks will be useless because lot of blog or site use nofollow tag in the comment field now.

One of the top tricks to increase the Backlink is using the blog directory or blog aggregator. In this method, the Crosslink will be a Backlink for your blog. Why it does can be like that?

For example, you write the article for your blog and putting the link to another article inside your own blog ( this link is your crosslink for your blog ). Then the blog aggregator bot will collect your article and putting into the blog aggregator article list or you can ping them. When the search engine spider crawl that blog aggregator, your crosslink ( before ) will be red as Backlink by the spider.

Normally, the blog aggregator will only show your first and second paragraph in their list ( it’s depend on the setting ), So…. Don’t miss this opportunity. Put some crosslink inside your article in the first and second paragraph with nice anchor word if you want to get Backlink and raise your search engine position for some keyword.

Remember, don’t ever try to put more than 3 links inside one paragraph. This is very dangerous and risky for your Pagerank.

If you find this post is useful, feel free to subscribe for next guides and tricks. Keep in touch and success for you …….

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