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Hiya honored visitors and beloved friends, one of my friend tell me "nice welcome notes" (thanks friend!), as usually i want to say hi first to you all, "how are you doing today? hope you alright and always success for you".

When i blogwalking to my friend blogs, i often looks for google pagerank and alexa traffic, when i found great pagerank or alexa traffic i always check their meta tags, and i always find good meta tags have setting there, this experienced makes me more confident if meta tags setting is very meaningful to increase blog pagerank and/or traffic.

This post is continuation and related to my older post about 'setting meta tag' that i've released a few days ago, when i released first part of my older post about 'setting meta tags part 1', theres also my friend ask me for next post about 'setting meta tag', ok friend, here you got it!

In the last post was discussed 5 types of meta tags, now i want to discussing other meta tags you must apply in your pages.

6. Meta Tag "COPYRIGHT"
How do you explain that the photos and the text on your website/blog are protected? you use the so called COPYRIGHT meta tag.

This meta tag set like this:

<meta content='name of owner' name='copyright' />

For example :

<meta content='BizriL™ corp, © September 2009' name='copyright' />

7. Meta Tag "WEB_AUTHOR"
How do you put in your website/blog the name of the company that made your website/blog? You use the so called WEB_AUTHOR tag.

This meta tag set like this:

<meta content='name of owner' name='web_author' />

For example :

<meta content='BizriL™' name='web_author' />

8. Meta Tag "ROBOTS"
How do you explain a spider of a search engine you only want him to index just the first page of your website/blog or he is allowed to index the whole website. You use the so called ROBOTS tag. Same with keywords and description metatags, this is an important meta tag to set.
You add this robots tag on the first index page and you tell the spider if you want your whole website to be crawled or not.

This meta tag set like this:

<meta content='robots setting' name='robots' />

Theres several robots setting you can choose depend on what could spider robot do to your website/blog, it may be set with :

<meta content='index, follow' name='robots' />

This setting mean The spider will now index your whole website/blog. The spider will not only index the first page (main page) of your website/blog but also all your other pages, this is general setting and most website/blog owner using this.

<meta content='index, no-follow' name='robots' />

This setting mean The spider will now only look at this page (mainpage) and stops there.

<meta content='no-index, follow' name='robots' />

This setting mean the spider will not look at this page (main page) but will crawl through the rest of the pages on your website/blog.

<meta content='no-index, no-follow' name='robots' />

This setting mean the spider will not look at this page (main page) and will NOT crawl through the rest of your webblog pages.

This meta tag has relation with ROBOTS meta tag, by using this so called REVISIT-AFTER meta tag you can tell the robot spider to come back to your website/blog and index it again.

This meta tag set like this:

<meta content='period' name='revisit-after' />

For example :

<meta content='7 days' name='revisit-after' />
<meta content='1 month' name='revisit-after' />

10. Meta Tag "GOOGLEBOT"
Sometimes an old meta tag, the description tag, remains in the index of Google, despite the fact that you change relevant information on your website and submit this to Google, the old description remains in the Google search results. Yahoo and Live will index the new information, Google won't.
This problem originates your results in the Open Directory Project DMOZ (also check the relations between the search engines). Your website/blog, including the old meta description, also has a description and a link in the ODP listings. The Googlebot has used this description while spidering your website/blog.
The solution is adding the GOOGLEBOT metatag.
You now tell the Googlebot not to duplicate the ODP description but the description which is located on your website/blog.

This meta tag set like this:

<meta content='code' name='googlebot' />

For example :

<meta content='noodp' name='googlebot' />

For website owner, you have to add meta tags to all of your pages, so not only in the first index page / main page.
For blog owner, you have to add meta tags only to your main page,

Make sure that on every page relevant meta tags are added. Add keywords and phrases that are relevant and correspond to the text and the language on that specific page. It might be a lot of work to add specific meta tags to each page but you will notice in time that it works!

There's still several meta tags i want to discuss with you in the next post.

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  15. Congratulations for this nice looking blog. In this post everything about Web Development.


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